Prestigious businessman and coach Justin Seedman answered my questions on marketing, discipline, and leadership. During a zoom interview, he told me the secrets that lead him to be the successful professional he is today.

First,  let’s know a little more about coach Seedman. He is the SVP of Operations at Morro Capital, a global private equity corporation specializing in acquisitions and strategic partnerships. There, Justin develops strategies and manages profit and loss. His specialty is to conduct revenue-generating and cost-saving initiatives.

At the same time, on his website, we see how he helps others embrace healthy lifestyles. On 2007, Seedman established JustinFit, LLC an in-home personal training practice with a highly qualified team of coaches, and started serving South Florida with premier in-home personal training. Seedman himself has conducted more than 15,000 training and health coaching sessions.

With a background in the business field, Seedman realized that it would be beneficial to expand his knowledge in the area of marketing.

He chose Florida International University to obtain his Master’s degree.

Here is the conversation in which he explains how he fell in love with marketing, and some of the life-lessons every kid should learn before starting a professional career.

If you liked the interview, with coach Seedman, I recommend you to subscribe to his YouTube channel JustinFit In-Home Personal Training for great lessons on life and health.

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