When I was 13, I became addicted to a magazine for the teen Hispanic market called “TU” (You). The magazine revolutionized the classic graphic design because nothing was in the right order; headlines in bright colors appeared with no established array; mini rectangles with summary information replaced the usual text blocks. Today, I have already forgotten all that I read; but I never forgot the name of the person who wrote anecdotal articles: Pilar Obon.

I liked Pilar’s stories so much that I couldn’t stop reading and laughing. Pilar knew how to attract my attention and hook me with her funny narrative from beginning to end. Many of the stories were supposedly daily-life situations that had happened to Pilar’s aunt. Wikipedia says nothing about that storytelling master. But after research online, I found that Pilar is Mexican and has written children stories, history books, scripts for adult TV soaps, and self-help books.

Applying Storytelling to Marketing

In Content marketing, Pilar’s ability is gold. Specialized marketers can be both a creative writer and a content marketer. Sometimes, business owners think that their story is compelling or engaging enough. Be aware that the wrong writing style can make your content sound dull or even fake.

There is no uninteresting topic. A content marketer knows two things:

  • How to write your message entertainingly.
  • A topic is interesting only when is relevant to the audience.

Making Your Topic Interesting

To convince your audience, you must first earn its attention. You can use different techniques to make your topic interesting. For example, start with a narrative style that involves humor, suspense, drama, a personal story, or a problem exposed at the beginning and solved at the end, just like a novel.

A storyteller obtains inspiration by reading as much as they can to gain a deep general culture. In the same way, content marketers must be actualized on issues about social media trends, technology, geography, history, pop culture, art, music, movies, and literature.

Choose an Audience That May Love Your Story

Every topic is attractive to the right audience; so, do not use traditional language for young people or female content for male consumers. In modern times, personalized style is a must, however, you should communicate in a language understandable enough for all types of audiences.

Someday, I would like to find Pilar and tell her how much her stories engaged me. I hope she could know that her style inspired me and left an indelible mark on my professional life. Content marketing is all about telling a story and making people remember it forever, just as Pilar did it in my childhood.

Did you like this article? Please share with me any experience in this matter. I’m here to listen.

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