There is no doubt that the most effective way to attract attention is through storytelling. According to, you can stand out from competitors by making your brand “stick in people’s memory.”

If you are not sure about which tone to choose or are afraid that your message could sound politically incorrect, suggests: “always err on the side of showing respect for the user and deep care for their needs.

Tone of voice

Every situation requires different tones of voice; for example, a brand may want to sound wittier during the Super Bowl and more empathetic during a national tragedy. Remember that you don’t need to express verbally to convey a story and tone. Examples of brands that have mastered the technique of engaging without saying a word about sales are Tiffany & Co. and Nike.

Although the internationally renowned Tiffany & Co. is linked to luxury, the brand prefers to be approachable and playful in social media.

The jewelry’s prestige skyrocketed when Hollywood produced the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany” starred by Audrey Hepburn; since then, its marketers realized that their target audience related their expensive product to a fearless personality.

As a marketing strategy, both the content team and the social team at Tiffany & Co. work together to achieve “voice consistency”. For example, Tiffany’s campaigns are trying to portray determined woman.

On their side, Nike’s tone appeals to people who pursue their goals or need the inspiration to do it.

The commercial “What a girl is made of?” shows a little girl singing a famous Russian lullaby. The song describes the role differences between girls and boys. Suddenly, in the second verse, the girl changes the lyrics and starts adding more real feminine roles.

Brand marketers and consumers, we are all humans; however, for most business people it is hard to write content using a human tone. One hint is that your tone should sell less and engage more.

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